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[tui][cli] Dependencies between tasks

This is how we implement tasks that depend on each other. The idea of "sequential projects" —where tasks must be executed in a strict order— is also discussed here.

These operations should be done mainly through the tui as it would be a PITA to do from the cli. The cli, however, will not show "blocked" tasks (i.e., tasks that depend on incomplete ones) in certain scenarios.

Also, note that a single todo can have many p:s.

See also: Dependencies on topydo

[tui] Ad hoc

  1. you press a key (Pfor "parent")
    • a fzf completion box appears
    • if current task has a project, tasks in the same project are listed first
  2. you select the task that your task depends on and press enter
    • id:{NANOID(6)} is added to the dependency task if none is present (See nanoid)
    • p:{NANOID_of_dependency} is added to the current task

[tui] "sequential" projects

Recurrent tasks

NOTE: i'm not sure I will implement this as a calendar's recurring event functionality is enough for me

Recurrent tasks could work like in Simpletask.